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General Questions

We generate one new trade on each trading day for each strategy (except on rare occasions when the exchange only opens for half day). On average 20-22 trades will be generated per month.

Once you start the subscription you shall receive the following trade signal alert by email:

  • Open signal
  • Close signal

Our trade signal will be generated usually around noon time Eastern Time (EST). Our email alert includes the full details for you to open/close the trade. To help our subscribers, our email includes the Thinkorswim (TOS) trade signal for you to copy-and-paste(1-click trading) directly in Thinkorswim(TOS) trading software!

Our strategy is designed to be un-managed, meaning that NO trade adjustment is required other than open & exit.  It is extremely simple and easy to follow.

Once you receive our new trade email alert, you may copy the trade to your own broker account at any time immediately until the end of the day. You may set the trade as “Day” order (meaning that the trade will be cancelled if not get filled by end of the day). As a best practice, 3pm-4pm Eastern Time (EST) is the best time for trade entry. 

Recommend capital is approximately US$12,500 per trade for RUT strategy and $22,500 per trade for SPX strategy. This is the amount of money allocated to the trade (regardless of whether it’s used completely or not). Our capital requirement assumes a Thinkorswim (TOS) Reg-T margin account. 

Compared to other trading advisory service that generates only 4-5 trades maximum per month, our strategy is completely market neutral and does not depend on a particular market condition and extremely easy to manage, therefore we are able to generate one new trade every day. Having said that, you do NOT need to take on every one trade signal. This approach brings several key benefits to our subscribers:

  • Start any time – they have the chance to get in regardless of when they start the subscription
  • Better fill – Bad fills occur all the time, in case their trade does not get filled on a particular day, they can move on to new trade signal on the following day
  • Efficient capital allocation – once a trade is closed, capital can be re-cycled and re-invested on a new trade

Once you subscribe our service, you shall receive all trade signals freshly generated every day. Whether you do overlapping trades or one trade at a time is completely up to your trading style and depends on your available capital. As a best practice, we recommend overlapping trades which are separated by at least 1-2 week, and do it in multiple instrument (RUT, SPX). This will help diversify your entire portfolio by time, spot price and asset.

In general each trade may last from several days to 2 months from open to close, depending on market condition. Our trading style is swing trade, not day trade.

Thinkorswim (TOS) is highly recommended broker (it supports copy-and-paste trade feature), or any of your preferred options broker. Note that not all brokerage firms will be able to support the strategies we used, especially in IRAs accounts. Generally speaking, Reg-T margin account or portfolio margin account is required to trade our strategies.

Our trade alert signal assumes one lot per trade. It is entirely up to the subscriber to scale up the lot size proportionally to their account size.

Absolutely. In fact many subscribers have a full-time jobs. Our trade is market neutral and very forgiving in extreme market movement with NO adjustments during the life of the trade. Suitable for traders with a full-time job. Once you copy-and-paste our trade alert signal into your own broker account, you can leave it alone. Come back and see if it get filled at the end of the day. 

Very little time is required, that’s why our trade alert service is friendly to traders with full-time jobs. Nevertheless, we advise our subscribers to monitor their open trade(s) once a day. It should not take more than 5 minutes as a routine!

For open trade, it takes no more than 5 minutes to copy-and-paste the trade signal into your Thinkorswim (TOS) trading software (1-click trading), after than you can leave the order alone and let the trade get filled by market makers.

For close trade, it depends on market condition, sometimes it get filled immediately at mid-price. Sometimes you need more patience to get filled or chase the price a little bit. 

It depends on market condition. When market is moving a lot it may be difficult to get filled at trade alert price. We suggested you try to fill at our trade alert price, if it does not get filled, try to use mid-price.

  • For open trade, we advise not to pay higher than the mid-price. If it does not get filled by the end of the day, it’s better to wait for new trade signal on the following day. 
  • For close trade, you may consider pay no more than $0.10 than the mid-price if mi-price does not get filled.

My Subscription

Trade alerts will be sent via email to our subscribers.

Subscription cost can be found in pricing page.

No. Our subscription fee is clearly stated in the pricing page. There is no hidden fee.

Subscription fee from OptionsBest is non-refundable.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription before the next billing cycle. Please send us an email via contact page. Once you cancel you will not receive any trade alert signals. Note that you will not receive a partial refund for unused days.

We offer 7-day risk free trial on any subscription. You can cancel your subscription any time before the end of your free trial by contacting us. Your billing cycle will start when the free trial period finishes. 

It depends on your broker. For questions regarding trading options in an IRA, please contact your broker.

Yes. Currently OptionsBest offers the trade alert service on RUT and SPX, which represents the two most liquid and popular index options. It may be extended to other stocks, indexes and commodities in the future. 

The return is calculated based on planned capital used for the trade. Planned capital is slightly higher than the maximum margin used for opening the trade. It’s fixed during the lifetime of the trade. 

No, it’s not necessary. It’s entirely up to you to follow along with your favorite options anslysis software, but it’s not necessary. Using the Risk profile of TOS is more than sufficient to follow along our trade signal. It’s the whole point of our trade alert service. Leave the options analysis hard work to us, so that you can trade like a pro with 1-click.

Yes absolutely. Our trade signal in email includes the trade details for you to copy-and-paste into your own Thinkorswim (TOS) trading software (1-click trading). It also includes the details of the individual trade legs (lot, strike, expiry, call/put, long/short) so that you can enter it manually in your broker account or trade analysis software. 

Yes you can subscribe directly on our web site.

Yes, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, JCB credit cards are all accepted. Your credit card details are sent securely to credit card gateway for payment processing, our site does not store any credit card information of our customers.