How To Guide

How To Guide
You may follow this how to guide about how to trade our trade signals. If you don’t find the answer here feel free to contact us!


Step 1 : Copy trade from email

After you subscribe your service, you should receive our trade alert signal by email every day. It will look something like the below, with an unique trade ID associated with each trade, it includes the strategy name (e.g. A1), symbol (e.g. RUT or SPX) and the date of publishing (e.g. 2019-04-29). The email also includes signal type : OPEN or CLOSE. 

You simply copy the whole block of text in the rectangle box, it include the trade details for entry. 

open signal

Step 2 : Paste into your TOS broker account

Assuming you have Thinkorswim (TOS) account, you should launch your broker software and login your account. You will see your broker software screen like the following :

  1. Open Analyze Tab
  2. In “Order Entry and Saved Orders” panel, select ” Blast All”
  3. Finally, click “Paste” icon
Our trade signal is now copied to “Order Entry and Saved Orders” panel. Note that the price is locked according to our entry price (follow the red arrows above you will see the “lock” icons. However it is advisable you click on the “lock” icons to use market price for entry. 

Step 3 : Analyse Trade

You may select individual trade, right click and select “Analyse Trade”. Since the trade consists of multiple a condor and a vertical, you need to analyse both trades.

Step 4 : Send Order

Now the risk profile of the whole position is analyzed. click “Confirm and Send” button to send the order to your broker! When your broker is executed by your broker, please record the trade ID and date of entry. 


Step 1 : Copy trade from email

The procedure is exactly the same as opening a trade. You look for the email with the trade ID equal to the trade you have opened and signal type equal to “CLOSE”. 


What if I don't have TOS account?

If you do not have a Thinkorswim (TOS) account, simply enter individual trade legs into your own broker account one-by-one carefully.